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Alge wrote this song as a release valve for a feeling he had long felt. The New-York based solo artist wanted a way to celebrate his resilience and take any punch coming for him. Focusing on his own body, mind and soul and weed out the noxious elements that were becoming a hindrance. I somehow relate to that resilience quite a bit. That’s probably why I decided to share this track with you today. Quite unconsciously too. It’s only after reading more and researching Alge‘s lyrics a little deeper that I found similarities. And what makes a good song? When it’s relatable and you can, in turn, own it right!? “Call Me Crazy” does exactly that and a little more.

Written over a year ago whilst on vacation in Los Angeles with a bunch of his friends. Alge ended up recording a few tracks on a minimal setup and just living the moment. Letting things come his way as they happened. Without any worry. The result is neat and compelling in production value. his voice balanced to the tee and the portrayed situations are accurate without sounding too depressing. It’s a great track that maybe just ends a little too abruptly in our humble opinion. Listen to “Call Me Crazy” and follow Alge and his musical musings. We’ll be sure to keep a close ear.

“Call Me Crazy” is being released in collaboration with SongAid, a collaborative music and charity project that goes to support WhyHunger’s Rapid Response Fund. All royalties from this track will go towards local food banks and pantries struggling to meet rising demand and adapt distribution to protect their staff and communities in light of the COVID-19 crisis.


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