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With three tracks to his name as of writing those pithy words, Boylife a.k.a. Ryan Yoo sure does know how to make waves within L.A.’s music scene and beyond California’s borders. Brought to our attention not too long ago by the wizards at now-defunct Hillydilly tastemakers. Boylife is the kind of artist that only comes around every so often. Meaning:… ever so rarely.

Today, Ryan Yoo also known by his stage-name Boylife and a member of the Los Angeles band mmmonika dropped his third solo and latest track to date titled “Dio”. The singer-songwriter is checking all our boxes once again. He also cements the fact he definitely has a Midas touch. Turning every lyric into a golden moment. Lush with emotions and a mesmerizing near addicting groove “Dio” will fill you in with plenty of great vibes for the rest of the week.

Find out more about Boylife and obviously listen to his two previous tracks “Bummy!” and “Peas” further down in the PASSPORT section. They’re a must-listen and Ryan Yoo an artist to follow.


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