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Nashville’s Mokita caught our attention in a big way recently when he collaborated with R3HAB on “All Into Nothing (Acoustic)”. Now, on “Over You”, he’s bringing emotive acoustic vibes all his own, dripping with bittersweet sentiments and honey-like vocals.

In Mokita‘s own words, “Over You” is a song that explores “the paradox between how easy things can feel at the onset of a relationship versus how difficult it is to get past those things once the relationship has ended”. He captures the feeling with a perfectly struck balance between acoustic ballad and pop track, resulting in a best-of-both-worlds tune that hits on the heartstrings with organic guitars and shiny production alike. And, goddamn can this guy sing.

So catch me up, how's LA?
Love it still? Think you'll stay?
You always said the sunshine felt like home
So how's your life? Mostly the same?

Whether you’re looking to dig up a painful memory for the masochistic fun of it or just enjoy some sunny vibes with a tinge of heartache, “Over You” is up to the task.


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