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Amy Winehouse se transforme en bête de foire pour Halloween… Voici quelques photos récupérées sur internet !

Amy^2 #1.jpgVan Helsing Winehouse.jpgWhere's Winehouse.jpgLabrynth Bowie Winehouse.jpgZombie Winehouse #2.jpgHoodie Winehouse.jpgNavy Doctor Winehouse.jpgBritney Winehouse.jpgAmy Wizard.jpgAmy^2 #2.jpgZombie Winehouse #1.jpgDinner Amy.jpgAmy^2 #3.jpgAustin Winehouse.jpgSmokey Winehouse.jpgMeta Winehouse.jpgWinehouse Mariachi.jpgAmy Window.jpgBooby Winehouse.jpgSanta Winehouse.jpgBanana Fana Fauxfinehouse.jpgAmy Hausfrau.jpgZombie Winehouse #3.jpg

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