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Hi all,

You’ll understand that I’ve just started applying for airlines. The furthest I came to Cabin Crew was attending Emirates Airline Recruitment Open Day on the 24th of November 2007 in Paris. I past all the selection stage and was happy to make it through to Interview Stage after a stressfull, nerve stretching 3 days in a dull, boring hotel in Roissy (CDG Paris airpot closest civilized village).

I’m now waiting for my Blessed phone call from Dubai. I’m hoping to join the team early next year if ever I get the job !

For those who would like to join on one of those Open Days, you will have to provide the following :

  • CV/resume
  • 6 Passport Photo
  • Full Lenght photo 10×15 cm in Business Attire
  • 2 Full Lenght casual photos
  • 2 Photocopies of the relevant pages of your Passport
  • 1 proof (photocopy) of working with current employer (if any)
  • Photocopies of your certificates
  • Your smile & politeness
  • Your brain.

Prepare yourself for a long day, eat loads while you can, bring some snacks, drinks from local supermarket cause hotel markets are just a rip off. Sleep loads before the actual day. We were approx. 215 at the Paris Open Day (OD). Here are the stages you’ll go through (order may change depending on recruiters/location/etc):

  1. Meet Recruiting Officers, give them your CV + Photos
  2. Round 1 > CV shorlisting > Everyone leaves conference room
  3. Everyone goes back in, they hand out congrats or regrets…
  4. Round 2 > One2One with Recruitment Officers, lasts for around 2 minutes > Everyone leaves conference room
  5. Everyone goes back in, they hand out congrats or regrets…
  6. Round 3 > English Test / Personality Test > Everyone leaves conference room
  7. Everyone goes back in, they hand out congrats or regrets…
  8. Round 4 > Group excercise > Everyone leaves conference room
  9. Everyone goes back in, they hand out congrats or regrets…
  10. You’re in for you’re Final Interview. You may need to do a psychology test which is computerized.
  11. FINAL INTERVIEW > One 2 One for at least 40 minutes

Make sure you are very very well groomed, shaved, short hair, suit, tie, white long sleeved shirt with black shoes. NO MAKE UP (males), light perfume, clean nails/hands.

After the final interview you are free to lead your normal life, as Emirates will contact you regarding your job offer might it be a YES! or a NO!


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