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Hey hey hey ! What a surprise ! I’m trying to get the good ol’ Shell Suit back on the map these days, I’ve been sporting my own deep blue Adidas Original tracksuit top and been loving it’s the peak in my own STREET-CRED. You cannot believe how I miss the 1990’s. You know let’s educate these kids born in the 2000s cause way back then it was cool, to wear that kind of clothes, do not diss us poor kids born in the 1980’s, we were forced (trends + parenting = do not go well together !) to parade in those sweat machines. Yes because, not only were they an absolute disgrace to contemporary fashion, they could cause epilepsy with so many colors, it was overwhelming for a normal brain. Add to that the ugliest sneakers ever made (note that I now, looking back at them, find them attractive), these Freestyle Hi reeboks for women, especially the bi-color ones or simpply the all-black pair was at the time worn by every little female kevin out there. That’s if of course your folks could afford a pair. Otherwise you had to content yourself with something even uglier.

But Alas. I’m not here to discuss fashion faux-pas. But rather turn you onto my 40 track marathon of a show that lasts for nearly 3 hours. It’s packed with some of the 90’s best tunes. Including but not limited to Haddaway, La Bouche, No Doubt, Wamdue Project and a hell a lot of other forgotten tracks, some mediocre, some that will remind you the first crush you had with that now married lady (not to say mother) and other meaningful moments of our young lives back in the 1990’s : SODWEE’s live brdcst | 7th March 2011 | 90s SHELL SUIT SPECIAL ! Download / Listen below :

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