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Here is what you will have to provide to join Emirates Airline as far as medicals are concerned :

  1. HIV report
  2. Haemoglobin Count
  3. A Detailed Chest X Ray report about heart and lungs.
  4. Audiogram report & graph (graph is very important for approval of such)
  5. Cervical smear test report (for females only – if applicable)
  6. Dental certificate
  7. Vaccination certificate with the initial course date.
  8. Eye test: we require you to do an eye test whether you are wearing glasses/contact lenses or not

I spent around 450 euros to do all those, most of them will be refunded by French Social Security, but make sure you speak to your General Practician first. It took me around 5 full days to complete (and I’m not sure they are complete actually, will find out soon I guess).

If you have any questions, please feel free in sending me an email

  1. Just a quick question about medicals: I submitted my medicals & they were all approved. I have been given final approval to join & have my DOT set. Since my medicals though, I have been given some new medication (nothing drastic, just skin stuff…) Should I call CC Joiners to let them know this change, or just report it when medicals are being done in Dubai?


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