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Next step in that rush to Dubai, is of course the famous and dreaded medicals. To add to the challenge, they have to be completed in 2 weeks only. So when you’re working full time in some office, you can battle hard to find a slot in the middle of the day for X-rays without pissing off your boss… Anyway most of it is quite straighforward. But the whole thing has to be written in English or translated into English by an official translator, adding to the immense fortune you already spent on X-rays. Administration here in France SUCKS MAJOR HELL ! All they care about is you standing in the queue, this is how french buraucracy operates : NO QUEUE, NO PAPERS. I’ve got a whollaping 2 months also before my plane thrusts off towards Middle Eastern Sin City and still having trouble gathering all the info the HR office needs. I’ve got one week before the medicals deadline, and I’ve so far managed to get ONE X-ray in. Dentals will be a piece of cake, Mum found out that her Dentist will do it in english. My best bet for the moment is to crash at the American Hospital Of Paris and get all of my forms completed there. The only problem is that they are not part of the über-social security France can offer : meaning I will have to dish out some cash to get it those medicals done ASAP. But hopefully this will save some hassle.

OOOh BIG NEWS ! I’ve resigned from Hotel Westin Paris ! Such a relief, will be done with this shithole in 1 week and a half. Boss isn’t talking to me anymore : way too cool. It’s oooh sooo crackin’ how he ignores me, love it to bits, it’s like I’m not part of the team anymore, makes me laugh. How can a GM be so childish ? I cannot understand.

Voilà, that’s where I stand for now. If you happen to be a French Citizen, in France, doing his medicals for Emirates then get in touch I would like to know how you get on !

Daft Punk - ALIVE 2007Just so you guys know, I’m at the moment tripping on Daft Punk’s “ALIVE” album. Jam that masterpiece in your iPod and you’ll thank me while you’ll listen to it during your commuting.

Many friends are finding out and want to take me for drinks. The answer, unfortunately, at least for this coming week will be a NO. I’m passing medicals so want them to be clean !

Here are some pictures I took at New Years Eve 2008 :

Martin, Alex & HadrienAnthonyBottlesBenMartin on the verge of passing out...Crowd dancing to Daft Punk Mix...HadrienHarder, Better, Stronger, Faster !Martin, wondering how he will finish the night.Claire & PierreBenClaire & AlexBlaiseBenSamuelSamuelMartin & AnthonyAnthonySamuel

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