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While the singer/songwriter market may be one of the most oversaturated of all genres, it’s safe to say that we’ve come across a handful of new releases that have modernized this space with lush arrangements (Father John Misty), electric guitars (Julien Baker), and DIY bedroom aesthetics (Alex G). So while the singer/songwriter realm has become forward-thinking, it’s still always exciting when a new artist emerges, harkening back to mid-1960’s Bob Dylan. Lucky for us, Tennessee’s Josiah Leming’s newest project, Josiah & The Bonnevilles, which also features Stephen Johnson on guitar and Josh Nyback on bass & kick, does just that with debut single “Cold Blood”, which we’re excited to be premiering on these very pages.

Here, Josiah‘s authenticity and top-notch songwriting shine through, as it’s quite obvious that the emotion comes from a very real place. “I wrote Cold Blood when I was living between Vegas on my own and in LA with my ex, it was not an easy song to write”, he explains, “I’m not sure if it’s a break up song, or a song about being a failure, or a fraud, I guess it’s a mix of all of those things”.

Their genuine 60’s-folk throwback sound is obvious and comes from a number of things: “at the time I was listening heavily to Leonard Cohen and Townes Van Zandt whose music played a big role in the production approach… That, and having to be resourceful budget-wise, for instance, the background singer on “Cold Blood” and “Can You Hear It”, Elizabeth Hopkinson, was someone I found on Craigslist”.

Be sure to check out Josiah & The Bonnevilles’ upcoming tour and Cold Blood EP, which will be released this Friday through Vagrant Records.

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