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Howdy ! Cowboy style, I’ve manage to be courageous enough to get my arse over to the very nice dentist mother recommended. Yeah, I had to get rid of my upper-wisdomteeth so I could fly to Dubai without stressing over the fact I’d have to remove them over there in unknown conditions… So the dentist trauma is over. She rightfully injected a real good dose of anesthetic so she could deal with them easily and not having jump around in pain. And hell it was quick. We we’re done in just over 15 minutes. Couldn’t believe it. My previous dentist took around 3 times more for the lower part of my jaw… hummmm… Anyways, haven’t heard anything from Emirates regarding my medicals yet, hopefully they will be calling me soon. Flatmate(s) now knows that I’ll be gone by the end of February, so I’m kind of relieved, it’s a weight off my back. I can now search for a “colocataire” (flatmate in french). Voilà been out yesterday at Café OZ in central Paris, they were celebrating god knows which official Aussie date, I think it was Australia Day, well that’s what I heard. Got two beer down the neck, this helped get the holes in my gum swell down and stop bleeding, I recommend it ! Instead of pain killers.

And I’ve compiled some awesome music for you guys to enjoy. Feel free to download as much as you want, get an eargasm :



Adele > Last Nite (The Strokes Cover) [audio:http://240plan.ovh.net/~redcandy/live/sound/discoheat/DS-37/Last%20Nite%20(The%20Strokes%20Cover).mp3] Tom Jones > She Drives Me Crazy (Fine Young Cannibals cover)
[audio:http://240plan.ovh.net/~redcandy/live/sound/discoheat/DS-37/She%20drives%20me%20crazy%20(Fine%20Youg%20Cannibals%20cover).mp3] Michael Jackson > Come Together (The Beatles cover) [audio:http://240plan.ovh.net/~redcandy/live/sound/discoheat/DS-37/08%20Come%20Together.mp3] Swamp Dogg > Lady Madonna (The Beatles cover) [audio:http://240plan.ovh.net/~redcandy/live/sound/discoheat/DS-37/03%20Lady%20Madonna.mp3] Laura Love > Come As You Are (Nirvana cover) [audio:http://240plan.ovh.net/~redcandy/live/sound/discoheat/DS-37/09%20Come%20As%20You%20Are%20(Nirvana%20cover).mp3] Timbaland VS. The Gossip > The Way I Are Standing In The Way (mash) [audio:http://240plan.ovh.net/~redcandy/live/sound/discoheat/DS-37/The%20Way%20I%20Are%20Standing%20In%20The%20Way.mp3] La Pompe Moderne > Plus Dur, Meilleur, Plus Vite, Plus Fort (Daft Punk cover) [audio:http://240plan.ovh.net/~redcandy/live/sound/discoheat/DS-37/04%20Plus%20Dur%20Meilleur%20Plus%20Rapide%20Plus%20Fort%20(Daft%20Punk%20Cover).mp3] Moulin Rouge Cast > Roxanne (The Police cover) [audio:http://240plan.ovh.net/~redcandy/live/sound/discoheat/DS-37/Roxanne%20(The%20Police%20cover).mp3] The BossHoss > Toxic (Britney Spears cover) [audio:http://240plan.ovh.net/~redcandy/live/sound/discoheat/DS-37/Toxic%20(Britney%20spears).mp3]

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