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If you’re looking for some CABIN CREW contacts, we have 3 top web destinations for you. Get make-up on, pamper yourself and pimp your profile. Here are the 3 best Flight Attendant websites/forums on the web. This is where I basically got to know about how to succeed in selection processes, got to know the job a little more and made contacts via specifically designated forums for Dubai/Emirates crew members or wannabies. Great atmosphere in those actually. No bitching, which is a classic on other nerdy/geeky forums (one of the reasons I hate those kind of places). But in the end you’ll add a lot of information about the job and how things generally work. Remember stick to the topic when you’re answering or you’ll get a bollocking from one of the moderators !

  • French Speakers : PNC-CONTACT
  • English Speakers : PPrune Forums (this is cabin crew/flight deck mecca for who is interested in any aspect of the industry !)
  • English Speakers : CabinCrew.com (quite vague and inaccessible sometimes due to server overload

That was for making contact, now you wonder how you’re gonna keep those contact in a safe place, maintain them etc. Well the answer lies with the internet phenomenom called Facebook. Something everyone has heard off, unless you’ve lived disconnected from the real world since 1952. It is a very simple effective way of keeping in touch with your relatives and friends whereever you might be. It also lets you display pictures, videos and update what they call a mini-feed of what’s happening in your life. At the time I’m writting these pithy words, probably half the damn planet has a profile on this addicting website.

Note that the logo has changed into on more eye-catching artefact. It changes whenever you change page or reload. Thus limiting the lenght of boredom when you read this blog. Hope you lik them, because I do !

And because we love you so very much, we can offer you the latest in N.E.R.D. music material. This is the song that has leaked from their forthcoming album :


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