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Hey ya’ll.

IMPORTANT INFO : My roster is published every month, you can view it on the left hand side of the webpage. It might change here and there according to scheduling. But generally speaking it will remain the same. It just for those in desperate need of accurate information (I’m thinking of you Dad !!) so you know where I’m at…

I’ve just finished Service Standards training, an intense, two week haul towards Graduation. Happening tomorrow (Thursday 24th April 2008). But before I go into detail, I’d like to thank Melissa for her link on her blog as well as Angus over at Twelve Major Chords (His cousin actually workss for Emirates, how random !) for their funny reads and linkshares.

Momoko in Dubai - Sodwee - Airboy - Emirates - Training

So after doing a DXB-LHR (Dubai – London Heathrow) mock up, which lasted for around an hour and a half, everyone of operating crew had lost half a stone just by sweating and thinking too much. We got so many questions from our “High Valued” customers that our brain motherboards just sparked and started to melt. The passengers we were serving were Ab-Initios a week behind us. I must say they were really quiet and nice. Thanks for the comments ! I can only remember Noha from the lot ! Thumbs up for you in your mock up !

Got our feedback and tomorrow is the big day ! We got briefed as what to do during presentation and actual Graduation. I thought I was done and over with procedures. But apparently we’re supposed to line up in a certain order etc.. Fair enough. We’re also undergoing a final grooming check as well as a Aircraft Door Check. Before we can actually hold our GCAA/SEP licenses in hand. Looking to tomorrow evening as well. We’ve managed to book a table at Shangri-La (a five star hotel in Sheikh Zayed) for our Graduation dinner. Ladies will be stunning, and can’t wait. After that we’ll be meeting everyone at Plan B normally for free “corporate” drinks I should say, meaning, we’re not paying for any !!! hihihihihih. Long day tomorrow, I must sleep enough !

Now, the real big deal is my suppy flight on Monday. I’m flying to Doha, Quatar, it’s a 45 minute hop and service is extremely quick on those flights, and I’m dreading my service as it will be my first time on carts and what have you!… Actually I’m looking forward to all this. Can’t wait. Sure I’ll be taking photos if I’m allowed. Thankfully, the SFS is French, so at least I have someone to relate too if I was to go mental ahah!

Everything here is going fine for those of you that are asking. Sun, Shades, and Cream. Never forget the sun cream or you’ll end up looking like a moving traffic light ! Seen a few at college ! Won’t name them thought (you know who you are !).

I also have confirmed leave between at the end of June, not as I’d planned it but I’ll have it anyways. Better than nothing!

I’ll update you guys with more information about flying and our Graduation by the of the Weekend hopefully ! Stay tuned, bookmark the blog or add it to your blogroll ! I’m still struggling to answer to every one of you who are sending emails but stay put cause I’m going through them as we speak !. Keep them coming in ! I’m more than happy to answer your questions !

Special big-up to Nick (brother), Mum, Dad, Fee, Doodles, Thea, Hadrien, Martin, Pierre, Paul, Ento, Remi, Bobick, Sarah, Heloïse, Marie, Jeremy, Julie, Aléri in Paris and elsewhere and Big-up to Mel, Nivine, Dali, Sophie, Medi, Samir, Greg, Matt, Ben, Momoko, Feli, Ginger, Szilvia, Richard, Tracey, Christie, Hannah,Aroa, Oli, Khalil, Daniel, Raphael, Benoit, Lea, Alicia, Jihad, Gilbert, Jeremy, Fabianna, Criselle, and many others here in Dubai ! Nice to have met you !

As for today, that’s it. Over to our studios in Lalaland.

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  1. hi airboy .. first of all I like your page . gr8 job 🙂 also I am an applicant of cabin crew position in emirates.. and I realised you .. can u pls tell me do u have turkish cabin crew friends in emirates if u have I want to learn about athsmophere in duabi? u know I am liitle bit afraid. take care.

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