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Sodwee Airboy Graduation Emirates Cabin Crew Flight Attendant Steward

Well, it has been exactly 6 weeks since a whole batch of us started Emirates Aviation College Training. Six weeks of non-stop learning and having a laugh every single day. Six weeks of meeting & getting to know new people. Six weeks of learning thousands of lines of procedures, apply them. Six weeks of continuous evaluation, exams and last but not least 6 weeks of eating Thaï Chicken sandwiches, Chicken Byriani and drinking Redbulls all day long. I must say a big THANK YOU to our trainers :

  • Ruth (SEP)
  • Benita (SEP)
  • Donna (GMT)
  • Jihad (GMT)
  • Houssam (Service)
  • Agnieska (Service)

Wonderful people with high standard training skills. Even more rewarding at the end of the day for us.

So the whole Thursday was dedicated to Graduation. We started at dawn with some HR, Securty and Scheduling talks, another load of information to go through. Felt like I was going to sleep at times because of the early start. Then came grooming check for every one of us. Spot check on nails & uniform for men, and a full check for ladies : Hats, lipstick, make-up, stockings and shoes. We were seating in a state of the art auditorium for the ceremony and at 1.30 pm sharp, the Graduation began. The place was packed with colleagues in uniform, relatives and senior management. There was also Business Class & First Class Grads, SFS grads and Ab-initio Grads. A total of around 130 graduates. It was really fun. We got to shake hands with Terry Daly (SVP Service Delivery) our Cabin Crew  Manager and got our certificates. Then a video of the training & grooming was shown to all of the attendance. I appeared for a few seconds moisturising my hands looking terribly bored !!  Everything was picture perfect. We were invited on the terrace for some cakes and juices. I decided to leave for home soon after. I had other things on mind !

Yeah. I was in desperate need of offering myself a graduation present ! So after dumping my uniform at the laundry, I headed off to Mall Of The Emirates for some retail therapy. I came across this amazing piece of technology. No not a satellite phone the size of your thumb ! Nope, not a interactive shaver ! But a very slick, touch sensitive HiFi System with real good sound ! Needless to say I was tempted. I got it straight away ! Now I can enjoy full powered sound in the living room. I think my flatmate is going to be delighted too.

Got back just in time to change into dinner clothes and ran to Shangri-La for some 5 star buffet and unlimited drinks. Amazing setting with an extensive, beautiful buffet. Three Ab-Initios decided to go to that hotel so we ended up being quite numerous. All for the better ! Had a brilliant time there. But every one was feeling the urge to just let it go & dance. Of course this was near to impossible in a posh posh hotel lobby. So we gathered every one and headed to Plan B (the name of the Club) where drinks were offered until late and paid by Emirates. So as you would understand, we got absolutely wasted on cocktails, wine and beers. Fooling around like headless chickens. I think we all had a blast.

More pictures to come ! Stay tuned.

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