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Sorry guys I haven’t updated this for a while but was extremely busy for the past week and my pattern has changed. I’m now in night classes from 4 in the afternoon till around midnight. This was a complete change from our previous morning pattern. Everyone is feeling nakered by half past four ! None the less training is still going well. We’ve been doing mock-ups and learning on different Skywards programs that Emirates has to offer. We were also given a hell a lot of in-flight magazines to read through and learn. We also needed to know by heart all the airport codes (GRU, DXB, CDG etc) that Emirates fly into as well as the phonetic alphabet ( Alpha, Bravo…etc). This was the worst part.

Most of the Service Standards training is provided in the old building of the training college where to simulators are kept, an Airbus one and a Boeing one. Will full operating galleys and real airline food. We are given a scenario and have to deal with it. From taxi to take-off, cruising & the meal/bar service, to landing and buh-byes…. It’s extremely fun and the learning doing practicals is even more efficient. Giggles all around… Unfortunately the air-conditionning in the Airbus simulator (the one we were practicing in) didn’t work. So it was like serving the meal cart in the middle of the desert with our 3-layer uniform. Not comfortable. Anyways, been through that nicely. Today is our only day off as we’ll be having rostering, IT training etc tomorrow. Most of the trainees in my class know where they’ll be flying for their suppy flights. I don’t. Bugger. I will hopefully find out tomorrow.

Life is Dubai is treating me very well with sunshine all day long, heat and even more irritating driving from the locals !

However. This is a flight attendant favourite word. Every single sentence a Trolly Dolly can come up with will hold this word, no matter what ! It’s getting on my nerves. but as from I can gather it is the service standard in the aviation industry

Last night was a good night out. Although we were completely nakered from our day at training, we decided to all meet up in Barasti which is an open air beach club/pub.  Music was OK, targeted to a anglo-saxon crowd obviously. Lounges & deck-chairs all over so one can enjoy his Heineken chatting up the closest lady. Managed to stay awake until around 2pm, and decided to head home. Photos are to come…

We’ve also met the french joiners from last week. They’ve been busy with their induction week and just started SEP. I think they’re enjoying it as much as I did !

I’ve got one week to go until Graduation. Busy organising graduation party at a nice joint. Although being it Friday here, no one is working. It’s hard getting in touch with Restaurant Managers and stuff. Will definately come up with something thought ! Can’t wait !

More next week hopefully ! Thanks again for all your kind messages !

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