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Skype cartoonToday was one of a kind for me. I saw my Mother actually, pro-actively, use the computer back home ! One might say “welll errrr… you know Ben errr… your Mother probably knows how to use a keyboard, and the mouse and press the power button so why are you going on about this ??!!”.

Precisely !

Not long ago, Dad and Nick (my brother) went on a shopping frenzie downtown for a brand new 20″ inch iMac with built-in webcam to my Mother’s despare.  In her world, computer = work. At that time she didn’t expect to see her FAVOURITE SON leave for the sandpit, thousands of miles away with no means of seeing me realtime.


Well thanks to technology, a few swedish geeks and a decent internet connexion. There she is video-chatting to her FAVOURITE SON realtime across the internetz with Skype. And believe me it’s a comedy show when Mother finds herself in front of a camera. You know how you keep looking at the playback of yourself instead of the camera, when you constantly try to find the best profile of yourself, like you were on CNN ! Yeah Mum was doing all of that ! And I just sat there watching her, I couldn’t stop laughing.

Not only she video-chat now, but she also leaves comment on this very blog !! She checks it every day, promotes it at work and sends a gazillion times more emails than she would normally do !

It’s all good. Now the next step is to get her on Facebook ! Only then, the loop will be complete !

Sodwee sends a huge hug to MotherOfSodwee. 

  1. Dear Sodwee first of all I do not need to look desperately for my best profile on camera as ALL MY PROFILES ARE DELICIOUSLY EFFORTLESSLY AND NATURALLY BEAUTIFUL therefore the verb “to look for” becomes redundant…..and the present perfect “has already” immediately jumps to pole position….I do agree though it is poetry in motion chatting with my favourite elder son via skype…we should hook up with Sodwees aunties and uncles via skype next time Marcus Ritchius is absoultely right about that…..Marcus we need to coordinate….next little project….I too hug you airboy
    Mother perfectly in tne with tecnology of Sodwee….

  2. I’ll try my best to convert AuntsOfSodwee in the near future. But bare in mind, it as a long, exhausting process !! Yes Mum you look beautiful ! All your profiles are appealing !

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