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Hey, now wonder I wasn’t updating the blog the past few days, no wonder my phone didn’t answer, no wonder my emails kept coming in, but never found a way out, no wonder I was absent from MSN for a total of around 5 days ! Yes Sodwee went on a little trip across the Indian Sea, over to “green clean galore” Singapore. Stayed there for a few hours and then jetted off to “Winter struck Melbourne”. Crashed there for a few hours, then back to Singapore for another 24 hours.

All in all, it was a great trip, with great crew. Managed a few pictures, some good sleep and amazing food in Singapore. Duty in between was fun, still loving the whole thing of being a Cabin Crew with Emirates. Opted for a tailor-made job. Living the high life. Staying in nice hotels in the middle of the citie.

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Singapore was a blast. Never saw anything like it. How can millions of people cramp themselves in such a tiny space, get millions of tourists on top of that, keep the place spotlessly clean and make money out of it ???? Can’t figure it out ! Can you ? Maybe I’ve been converted to the Dubai lifestyle, or even the Paris one. Not quite sure yet. Yep so after a 7 hour flight from Dubai into Singapore, we off-loaded and went straight for our hotel rooms down at the Carlton. Right in the city center. What strikes at first is how green the place is. Coming from the desert, the sand and the beige color in general, I can assure you it makes a HUUUUUUUGE difference to your eyes. They totally drown in this plethor of vegetation. Flowers all around the international airport, along the highways, on the pavements, e-v-e-r-y-w-h-e-r-e ! The Road are covered by arches of trees, letting a few sun rays to come through and keeping the tarmac nice & cool. Unlike the one in Dubai.

It was hell humid. Stepping of the aircraft was a shocker. I started to sweat like a p******** in toys’r’us. After having a well deserved shower, I headed down to the lobby for a Tiger Beer (or two…), the national beer there. Also treated myself to a Club Sandwich. Singapore is globally known for it’s shopping paradise. And, Dear, to they live up to your expectations, it’s a national sport here per TNN (a tourism channel showing a loop of things to do in Singapore : mainly shopping). So, keen on spending a few calories, I stormed down to Bugis Junction where the malls are. Ended up with a few bags of goodies, I will not disclose any of the contents as people will be reading these lines and I want to keep the surprise.

The highlight of the day was probably immersing myself into the crowds in that huge maze-like indoor market selling funky teen t-shirts, bags, crazy watches, slush puppies, and general asian teenager stuff (meaning colorful & useless). Great time there. It was packed with teenagers of course.

Then went to bed because I would’ve duck-taped my eyes if I’d stayed up longer.

The next day was spent flying again. Another 7 odd hours into Melbourne. The weather a little more pleasant, but way colder. Remember it’s winter there so we were treated to a mere 15°C upon arrival at around 1’o’clock in the morning. Not much time to do anything so we all decided to congregate in the lobby and have some late night beer there. Ended up tipsy and ordering pizzas, going to Seven/Eleven for meatpies and finished in bed by 5 in the morning.

The following morning afternoon, woke up, having slept like a baby in that KING SIZE bed ! Room Service had left Cadbury chocolate for us so had that for Breakies. By the time I got showered, shaved and got my suitcase closed after numerous attempts, I finally crawled myself down for the meeting before our flight back to Singapore.

Another 7 hours in the pressurised tube, amongst a crazy Maltese group, led by an insane 50 year old, who laughed his head off the whole way through ! Didn’t drink half an optic either ! Crazy peeps. The call bell kept on ringing, leaving us with no chattin’ time what so ever. Nor sit down rest.

Back in Singapore for our last layover, another 24 hours this time dedicated to food. Spicy food in fact ! I also pushed myself to eat Sting-Ray (you know that flat fish). It tasted just like chicken. But I ordered the best chicken in the world : Black Pepper Super Spicy Hot Chix with fried-up rice and veggies. mouth watering guys. This food court was located at Newton flyover, a few seconds away in the cab from Raffles Hotel (yes, the same hotel that came up with the Singapore Sling). We went there with a local cabin crew called Rosh, along with J-Rad from the States, Lucy from the UK, Anoosha from NZ (Iran) and Nicole, also from Singapore. Good, good night discussing Conspiracy Theories for September 11. Very funny !

It was five, by the time I reached my room. Now I haven’t been staying in hotel that much. Across the entire span of my living life, I probably crashed into a dozen hotels. They give you these cards that you swipe to get in your room. Well for some reason I kept the ones from Melbourne and our previous stop in Singapore… And trying to figure out which one would successfully open the door was a difficult task at five in the morning, with a few Tigers in the belly and a few thousand miles in the head : You get slightly agitated. Thank God I was the only one in the corridor.

As you’ve probably noticed by now, the galleries have changed, making it easy for you to scroll through the pictures instead of being sent to Facebook. I’ll try my best to put full-size picture. But this depends entirely on the space I have available.

Anyways, enough from me, catch up with you soon. And keep me updated, send me links, leave comment etc !

And please do check out this blog : TobyTime http://www.tobysears.blogspot.com/

  1. Sodweeee tu es mon heros!!! je suis tous tes articles depuis ton départ, on croirait presque une serie TV called the nearest exit might be located behind YOU! merci pr ce super blog, je pars le 30 mai, g hate! et keep showing us your pictures on your blog!!! Merki

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