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Another two days in Dubai and this urge to clean the flat just struck again. It’s hard to resist. We have a balcony here, it’s the best thing about the flat I’ve found so far. The balcony is huge but we cannot use it. If you happen to stay more than 10 minutes out there in the afternoon you’ll just bake. Don’t want to turn into bacon anytime soon. The problem with useless balconies, it that they get dirty very rapidly. Especially in hostile weather like Dubai. Here sand gets everywhere. A little humidity strikes and, oohhh well, the sand just sticks permanently to the tile surface of the balcony, making it even more of a hassle to clean. I think many of the Blue Building occupants will understand. The solution is water. Spread water all over and you’re done. Unless (yes there’s always something to stop you doing something good in Dubai) the drains are blocked or so small that even a drop of H2O has great difficulty getting through. So by the time you’ve managed to bring the sand/water with your “raclette” (french word for that tool that looks like a hairless brush for water surfaces) close to the drain… well… it doesn’t go down. The goowy water just sits there. The drain isn’t a drain, it’s just fake. Architects are high all the time here !

I’m such a lucky bastard this month ! I’m getting to go back home for the second time. Unless I’m pulled out for some other flight, like last time for the “London Deathrow“. So I’ll have another 24hrs in Paaaarrreeee. It’s going to be another marathon trying to fit everyone I want to see in just a few hours. Will try my best thought ! In any case I’ll be back for more on the 24th till the 4th of July.

Otherwise, nothing special… Will write about the Paris stint some time at the end of this week. Stay tuned, download as much as you want, it’s free, there’s nothing like free stuff ! Enjoy.

  1. a raclette is little a) a traditional french dish consisting of melted cheese thrown over boiled potatoes and cold meat or little b) a scraper or little c) a “doofer” as your grandfather used to say ie “un truc” or “machin”
    The first person to answer correctly will win either 1) a doofer 2) “un truc” or even 3) a “machin” I’ve not completely decided yet !!

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