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Emirates galley Action Sodwee Airboy audioblog, cabin crew

Hey just landed in Dub-Dub after an eventful layover in Paaarrrreee, my hometown. Started of in briefing where the crew was bubbling up their 24h stay in the capital of love. All smiles they were ! It’s crazy to realise that you lived and come from a town that everyone knows, that everyone wants to see once in their life… just bizarre. Anyways, let me introduce you to the amazing crew on-board our brand new Boeing triple 7- 300… Annie from Aussieland, Keenan from blizzard heaven Vancouver, in Canada, Soshima from Mauritius, Bidy from India, Yasmine from Ghana, Rohit from India, Caroline from France and finally our SFSs Mohssen from Lebanon with Malin from Sweden !

Great Flippin crew, I never giggled so much an entire flight. from DXB to CDG and back. On the way there, they were all planning their layover schedule, planning the stay to the minute ! Gave them some advice for transport and places to crash for an espresso, a rude waiter and so forth.

Got there, picked up my allowance, then zoooooomed off to drop my suitcase at home, have a shower and check upon friends… Leaving 40 euros on the way for a cab… God they rip you off sharp these days ! Or maybe I’m getting used to dish out so little here in Dub-Dub… Managed to catch up with the fernch gang, Doodles, Fee and others as well as MotherOfSodwee,FatherOfSodwee & Nick (becoming a grill specialist, serving deliciouly cooked burgers with exquisite sauces and shredded salad).

The way back was even more fun, not only because we knew each other from the previous flight but because we had new joiners Jupiter and another guy I forgot to ask the name (sorry, if you’re reading, but I’m a gold fish when it comes to remembering names…). We stormed the airport hall in Charles De Gaulle Paris at around 2 o’clock ready to go through customs when a random bloke screams “Sooooodweeeee” loud and clear…. I turned back in a glamourous gesture, skidding my wheely and looking aimlessly into the crowd. A few seconds go by, seeing Jupiter this new joiner here at Emirates coming towards me to shake hands. He’s been a reader of the blog for the past few months and we’ve been in contact ever since he applied for the job. Good to see this blog works !! The feeling of being known and not know the person who knows you is weird! The next step that got fellow crew wondering why I knew so many people from the airport is when Raphael a crew with us on Emirates showed up and shake hands also ! I then explained and the glam was over !!

During cruising and after service we had the 2 new Joiners plus 2 other Emirates staff back in the galley for some gossip, polaroïd pictures and some more giggles ! It was fun although we had Managers as PAX aboard.

Anyways the flight ended beautifully, no injuries, no damages. An ALL CLEAR. I’m now at home writing this post. Check out the pictures below for an peak at galley action !


Next trip is SIN-MEL-SIN, can’t wait to go see what I’ve missed on the previous trip ! Buh Bye !

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