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The next artist we’ll be introducing is from the upper corner of the European continent. From Copenhagen in Denmark. Member of local sensation Virgin Suicides, Terkel Atsushi Røjle forms Girls’ Night Out. and we’re pleased to have been tipped by the lead singer himself on the very first track off of his newest self-titled EP: “Orange Peeling”.

Unlike most music thats coming out these days, GNO or Girls’ Night Out are proud to offer something very different. Mostly in the vocal delivery. A sparkling falsetto so rare in today’s music it actually grows on you like unstoppable ivy. Its also very true for the music rooted in a totally airy and clever blend of Mac DeMarco sound sprinkled with light J-pop elements. It’s hard not to applaud such a bold move on Terkel Atsushi Røjle part.

As blogging friend and Belgian playlist curator extraordinaire Deer Du Bois so eloquently said in reply to one of my inquisitions on Facebook :

A girly version of Sean Nicholas Savage with a night-club-disco-touch to it!

And also as Italians usually do it better, Marco Zanella chipped in with his own take:

Sounds like a hipster Bee Gee . Cool.

Girls’ Night Out is the perfect summery vibe you’ll want to listen to while strolling down a canal setting in Paris. A sound so naïve you could easily get knocked over crossing the street, as you immerse yourself in the lyrics, rare voice and appealing instrumentation. GNO has just released their debut self-titled EP through The Big Oil Recording Company. Listen, follow, and share this new artist discovery from Denmark around with your friends.

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