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I do really hope you enjoyed your day – also assuming you had a great day I’m sure – I on the other hand, did not. Yesterday while headbangin’ along to my favorite tunes in the subway… managed to catch the headphone cord in the door handle as I was preparing to jump of and run to the outside fresh air… Hellll NOoooOO !!!! Instead just managed to send the beloved iPod in a dare-daring somersault halfway between the rail-track and the platform. Which as anyone would expect : quite something, quite the heartfelt moment that triggers some weird behaviors. Especially, if you’re like me, own the thing for so long that critically all of your personal music library is held in that amazing little device. And Yes, if you’re like me, your adrenaline rush peaks right up there when in a slow motion type replay, you see your personal 160 Gb iPod hit the ground so hard you wish it was your leg getting caught instead, or better in those moments, your brain. The horrible, feeling of emptiness then invades your body. Because you’re still halfway between the platform and inside the train, being looked at like an alien bogan from another planet. I kept my cool as I picked up the pieces on the platform… And only realized my iPod was still alive. the friggin’ bat had lost his STEREO. Instead only playing in Mono. The Bastard. Giving false joys to it’s father, false joys of invicibility and immortality.

This darn thing survives an epic fall, but only decides to play in Mono after… I do not deserve this. So, I’m now left drowning my sorrow in some Blackberrypodcrapness……. YUCK ! but still enjoying the Dubai based DJ Rafa Ferrero who I met through a good friend of mine (Manu Antigua), below this sad iPod composition I felt compelled to display:

jakarta by Rafa Ferrero


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