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Honkers was better than I expected. We managed to have a hell of a laugh on the way over with a great Purser (I wont disclose his identity for obvious confidential reasons) as well as a wicked crew & flight deck. Also part of the crew was Marlon, a reader of this very blog and owner himself of a blog. We got to Hong Kong at around midnight, as planned, and decided to hit the famous Fooong Looook Wy or whatever the district is called for some good ol’ drinks. Ended up with a crowd of locals having fun and in need of western attention. Crazy. We ended up in a club called “Fong Underground” shaking out derrieres till the early hours. But that wasn’t enough. We made a pit stop at 7/Eleven and stocked up on Tsingtao until we bumped into one of our DXB-HKG passenger… He recognized us and sent his wishes…. Good times all in all. I’m now back at the hotel writting those words. Will be hitting the town tomorrow… Pictures to come (Sorry the USB cable didn’t make it to the cabin bag as it usually does). More on the trip as I hit the sandpit.

‘Parte dos’ of the Hong Kong layover was a nice and easy stroll around Central District. Home to many, let say countless designer shops and the well known IFC mall. For now over a month, I’ve been looking for the perfect Birthday present for my Mother. And today only did I manage to find it. It’s now official I HAVE IT ! No words on it though.

Voila I’m about to catch up with some sleep before we board bound to Dub-Dub. And as promised, here are the pictures :


  1. Well if you *must* venture to Sh**ty centre, ie. for luggage tags or name badges that don’t take 8 months to deliver, I highly recommend going there on a weekday, and to be out of there no later than 11.45am. You’d be surprised how much half an hour makes to the taxi queue…

    BTW was an absolute pleasure to finally meet you, twas a shame it was so short, and I sounded so sick ;-( I’m sure there will be other times…

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