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This WAS one of the best layovers I have yet experienced. Lovely, enjoyable crew set in Paradise for 36 hours. We were bound for Mauritius on my favourite flying machine (B777-300) meaning I had a few meters between my jumpseat and the first row of Golddigging pax in front of me. Yeah, no lie, they do pick their noses from time to time without thinking a member of the Cabin Crew is actually sitting opposite them and watching in disgust. I think we’re dressed up in some sort of lavatory camouflage for them not to see us… None the less, this was pretty much an eventless trip over waters apart from a few hectic turbulences half way down the line.
We got to our hotel at around 10 in the morning, it is situated 15 minutes from the airport. It’s just a dream come true when you finally discover the private beach they have with the amazing lodge-like buildings… The rooms are ALL looking over this paradise with balconies so you can enjoy a little salted air at the end of the day with a nice G&T. Not to mention the all inclusive package that left our dear stomachs in pain after eating so much !
But the highlight of this trip was the beach of course, the sun and finally our day out boat trip with our local guide Charlie. He took us round the lagoon in a speed-boat and some music until we reached the so called “Paradise Island”. And P-A-R-A-D-I-S-E it was ! Check out the pictures below for all the shenanigans.
We stayed all day out in the sun and I scored some painful burns despite having spread sunblock all over. But it was worth the hassle…

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