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Blimey, it’s so nice to be back in the hood. Where I grew up. Nice to see Father, Mother and Brother all well and having a blast with their new toy : a blender. Mum’s enthusiasm about the machine is beyond belief. She’s so excited about making fresh pina coladas that she had to show me the thing as soon as I stepped in the flat after a 6 hour flight ! Dad aswell is quite fond of his blender. He also bought a recipe book to go along and will for sure make some amazing fresh fruit smoothies when I go back in two days ! Otherwise no photos what so ever this time, just a video that you can watch above. Why ? Because I spent the whole time with my loved one. Yes and I forgot my camera as I rushed into a cab forgetting the camera and her present… Ohhh well. I guess FedEx will come in handy after all. Paris was a blast as usual. Indulged myself with the legendary “demi” (which is a half pint of beer in a french brasserie) at a terrace on the St-Louis island bang in the center of the city, catching the sun while the thousands of tourists pass by looking upwards and walking straight through dogpile. The terrace we were at is located just meters away from where this pictures was taken from…

My next drip is another Paris which I’m also looking forwrd to, because I have friends on the flight. Richard, the only guy in town to have an Italian wheel cover on the back of his Jeep Wrangler will be joining the shenanigans as well as my Flatmate’s friend Juan. I do not know yet if I’ll be taking them round town once we land but somehow I know we’ll have a good time on our way to Paaaarreeee. Be sure to tune in later on in the week to find out.

You can download the music from the video by clicking here

Voili voilou !

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