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Guys we already featured Is Tropical here as part of our ongoing SDW mixtapes, also because they’re hype-house-extraordinaire-Kitsuné protégés and we were sent this brilliant remix this morning by Moonlight Matters (same gang behind the Metronomy’s “The Look” remix). We couldn’t pass this opportunity to share it and also announce that french bred MEGAFORCE directed their upcoming video for “The Greeks (here remixed…).

These french directors were behind the recent viral advert for Cadbury with the dancing clothes as well as Kid Cudi’s visually amazing music video for “Pursuit Of Happiness” released last year… So waiting eagerly sitting on the edge of my seat for “The Greeks” video to finally come out. In the meantime you can enjoy the download, and the preview trailer further down the page…

They also announced some gigs for UK & Europe, we will be at : June 08 – Paris, France – Point Ephémère, join us there !

Have fun.


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