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SDW035 | GANG GANG DANCE / Fedde Le Grand / Anna Calvi / Com Truise + many more…

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[ONE SHOT MP3] : The Edge Of Glory by Lady Gaga

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Dat ROME album is out in two weeks from now and I can’t friggin wait. I’ve been scavenging the interwebs in a desperate move tonight trying to lay some of my sticky fingers on a lone leak. Without any success. So I guess I’m gonna have to stick to the videos and the two or three tracks I already have. However, I’ll be sharing one of them today, It’s also available for free on iTunes as single of the week. If you got an US account already then head over there for the Jack White & Norah Jones eargasm. That album is bound to be a masterpiece, as well as being on of the albums to look out for in 2011…

Anyway, we got a massive sample pack to be shared today, with plenty of cool remixes, a fancy cover by Anna Calvi of “Surrender” first dropped by THE KING himself and a few newcomers the audioblogs have been writting about lately. I strongly recommend the Fedde Le Grand/Goodwill bootleg of Empire Of the Sun’s “Walking On A Dream” versus Amplifier: 7 minutes of non-stop EARgasm, a tune you wouldn’t want to miss. Definately gets the DOWNLOAD or DIE treatment here on Otherwise Zoo Kid has been getting some attention too, not because he looks like a male version of La Roux, or maybe… I dunno. But the 16 year old guts out some clever lyrics in a fashionable style. But to be honest I would go ahead and download every single one available because they’re all worth a little spot in your iPod… Finally, the Dublin Trinity Orchestra bring a new twist with a Daft Punk Medley complete with guitars, vocals, chorus, strings and rather large symphonic orchestra ! Check out the audio file I’ve upped for you as well as the HD video I embed below ! Enjoy ! Let me know in the comments if you liked today’s SDW035 mixtape !

Here the tracklist, click play to listen and/or right click > then “…save as…” or click “download” (the selected track should start downloading automatically :

[download id=”468,469,470,471,472,473,474,475,476,477,478,479,480,481,482″]

Or go ahead and download the whole shabang, click the link once, your download should start automatically…

[download id=”467″]


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