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London-based alt-pop band IS TROPICAL is a staple band from the early 2010 and we previously covered some of their tracks and remixes back in the golden era of blogs way back when we were still flying and based out of a desert. Here is their latest offering in the name of “Hummingbird” that signals to us they’re back at it in a big way. Take a listen.

Listen to “Hummingbird” by Is Tropical:

IS TROPICAL has enlisted the help of JP Sancho on production duties to come up with some brand new material in the form of a forthcoming LP titled “COLA SPIRIT” and this brilliant track titled “Hummingbird”. With members including Simon Milner, Gary Barber, Dominic Apa, and Kirstie Fleck.


Welshing on bets I can’t afford to lose or to win
Camouflaged fake snake eyes on Costa Rican wings
Cowards like me hide from confrontation like stick insects on trees
Cover my yellow belly with mustard tunics

I stand still, like a hummingbird

I eat shellfish and pork guilt-free without a second thought
Touching lips like fighters do promotional trips
Cashing checks in Irish pubs like the old landlord tick
Cover my next songs I’m heading out

I stand still, like a hummingbird

“Hummingbird” is an upbeat, hypnotic, and addicting piece of music that captures pulsating grooves with mature class and bass-driven rhythms under a simple, easily-remembered set of lyrics and vocal arrangements.

The band, about the track “Hummingbird” speaking to Twostorymelody.com:

“The idea came from a collection of Henry Miller writings in a book with the same name. He didn’t apply the metaphor in the same way but it made me think about emotions being unseen like hummingbirds wings, hectic beauty.”

Watch “Hummingbird” music video:

The latest single “Hummingbird”, as well as their new LP “COLA SPIRIT” released via Axis Mundi Records. Dates to be announced.

Is Tropical – Hummingbird

Out on January 28th, 2021


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