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If this “Castle Pines” track doesn’t throw you back directly to Kevin Morby‘s hit single “Harlem River” then I do not know under which rock you’ve been living. The track by Castle Pines (self-titled) is a long winded drive up some thick whimsical forestry in Idaho. Although the band is from the aptly named town Corona, in California, there’s an overwhelming sense of wintery night spent travelling on deserted alpine roads to me. Maybe it’s the length of the track itself, clocking in at over 8 minutes (just like Morby’s “Harlem River”) that give this impression. Or maybe just a seasonal blues brewing from yours truly. I don’t really know, but the self-titled track is a winning blend of alternative rock, some indie and a hint uncool-kids from suburbia factor thrown into the mix.

For Fans of Johnny Cash, Kevin Morby and Arcade Fire.

Castle Pines has been around for over ten years and is lead by Leandro Barrientos on vocals, and closely flanked by Ricky Garvey on lead guitar, Sterling Fairfield on percussions and Jesse Briseno on the bass guitar to deliver quite the ultimate fantasy when it comes to DIY alt-rock bands out there. Like every teenage boys dream really. Albeit here, with a mature, well balanced sensitivity from full grown-ups (or so it seems).

Drank too much, pickled the brine 
Numb the thought rat race line 
Cutting our heads, hung by the spine 
Kosher kids, left behind. 

Listen, share and get acquainted with the band Castle Pines and their self-titled track. It is a winner.

Castle Pines says of the track:

“We have been performing some version of this song live since we started back in 2009. It has taken similar iterations but has always held this hazy recollection of the street ‘Castle Pines’ and all the things that went down. Our drummer Sterling was homeless for period of time, and I lived on and off the street, out of my car for a 2 year period as well. The idea of home for both of us was shattered, and the name of the band and having a safe place like our house on Castle Pines was therapy. I had a couple legal issues happening during this period, I was drugged and woke up in a jail cell, and through that I had developed an unhealthy drinking habit to cope, and really the only constructive thing I had was music and this core group of people. Castle Pines is the capstone of our story as a band, and it is’ both a sad chronicle of suffering and a bright start to better times ahead.”

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