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Los-Angeles duo Joy Downer that took the scene by storm with “Plastic Wrap” at the beginning of December 2018 are now ready to share the follow up track and amaze us yet again with a brooding, hauntingly dark road escape complete with cut-throat shots of a pair of headlights in the rearview mirror. “Getaway Car” is cinematic, produced to the heavens with sleek vocals and a that common urge to complete the track in one take. Something you’ll hear on their previous track “Plastic Wrap” as well and appropriately described below by the Joy & Jeff Downer:

The song was written and recorded at home. And lyrically, like Plastic Wrap, came out through of a stream of thought. Most of song’s final takes are from that first session, which seems to happen a lot. It captures something that I just end up trying to recreate every take there after. Without a lot of edits or rewrites, we’re left with an honest account of how I was feeling that day.

Jam packed with 80’s synths “Getaway Car” takes the listener on a journey away from Joy Downer‘s crippling routine. A change of scenery. The best remedy to nonsense and a good old de-cluttering of one’s life is the way forward. The beat intensifying as the track rolls beneath with bursts of colorful vocals that I can only compare to Blondie at times, makes for the perfect soundtrack to a video, Thelma and Louise kind of runaway. Leaving the heavy load of problems behind. Check it out (above) and get reacquainted with their biggest hit so far in the name of “Plastic Wrap” (below).

Watch “Plastic Wrap” video:


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