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Put it on repeat, put it on repeat implores Joy Downer of Los Angeles duo Joy and Jeff Downer. A new track called “Plastic Wrap” has been going round and round in my brain since I first heard the mesmerizing melody and catchy chorus Joy innocently sings here. Somewhat of a very effective earworm that will easily get stuck into your brain too if you’re not careful. And that’s a pretty darn hard thing to achieve nowadays.

Consumerism is rife with single use products and the music industry has plenty of sad examples to offer. Joy Downer on the contrary, makes the effort to actually permeate through the cringy hoops and the final product turns out even grander, a track with alluring lyrical composition and that’s not mentioning the catchy melody that will have you hooked. The track touches upon the evil that leading a materialistic lifestyle means for you, and for everyone that revolves and interacts with you.

Like plastic wrap
We see right through
You’re mass produced
You’re store-bought
Put it on repeat, repeat, repeat
Put it on repeat

Listen to the new track “Plastic Wrap” (above) and dive into their previous Radio Dreamer EP released in 2017. Two of our favorites from that EP are available below. And don’t forget to follow Joy Downer on socials (links further down after the PASSPORT section).


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