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Sal Dulu is probably the stand-out artist of this start of the year. Having soundtracked the darkest times of our respective lockdown blues and at the same managed to get us through most of it without any harm. We could only bow-down and hand a big phat hat-tip. However, today, the Dublin based-artist has one more trick left up his sleeve for us to gaze at before he releases his full-length LP “Xompulse” at the end of the week (February 19th, 2021) via his very own record label Duluoz Records.

Titled “Zumo”, Sal Dulu‘s latest single from his album “Xompulse” features the remarkable high-octane vocals by Fly Anakin (who just recently worked with The Avalanches on their new record) to this seemingly hazy, melancholia-laden, perfectly layered instrumental that none the less comes across as very dense and researched. In absolute juxtaposition to how the lyrics sound and feel. Which works like magic in our eardrums here. There’s an urgency to the track yet at the same time something to sit back and relax to. Like the moment you step into your sound-proofed car from the hustle and bustle of the megalopolis around you and just before turning the ignition on: that precise moment in between.

Listen to “Zumo” by Sal Dulu featuring Fly Anakin:

The new album from Sal Dulu titled “Xompulse” will be out this Friday 19, February 2021, leaving us time to enjoy these already very promising tracks. On the soundscape, Sal Dulu leaves off from where his earlier music took us, demonstrating once again his flexibility in the production style, rendering a cinematic encounter with music that also feels incredibly intimate.

The album comprises fragments of aural and visual memories and assimilates these in a series of memory-based songs or dreams.  The album can essentially be described as moving through a dreamscape.

Says Sal Dulu speaking about the forthcoming “Xompulse” album.
Sal Dulu - Xompulse - Sodwee.com

“Xompulse” by
Sal Dulu

Out Feb. 19th 2021 via his own Duluoz Records.


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