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A week ahead of the official release of their debut EP ‘I’ll Miss You’. Brooklyn-based surf R&B duo Bathe revealed their new single “Dealer” after two previous bangers “Kimmi” and “Sure Shot“.

This track brilliantly delivers on a funk driven guitar through the groove and suave nuances of the lyrical composition and the accompanying rhythms and a diverse color spectrum as a result. Spearheaded by the soft, sultry vocals of Dev Hobdy and the musicianship of Corey Smith-West. Both collided at the University of Pennsylvania where they formed this niche duo Bathe. Bringing onboard elements from an array of influences including R&B of course, but also hip-hop, Dream pop. The resulting tracks sound fresh and innovative without alienating anyone who listens with something too out of this world it would only cater to a smaller demographic of music aficionados. Listeners are invited to Bathe, soak and indulge in the warmth, comfort, and sense of self care the band transpires.

For fans of Blood Orange, Beach Boys and D’Angelo.

Nostalgia is a running theme throughout the EP we were able to listen to. A seven track affair that sticks to its guns. Deeply rooted in the sound they’ve managed to craft of the few years they’ve been making music together and the handful of tracks they’ve already released in preparation of the debut EP ‘I’ll Miss You’ that will be released on May 3rd everywhere.

Watch “Sure Shot” video:

Check out the new single “Dealer” (above) and give it share. Also do take the time to listen to the previous tracks the pair released (below, in PASSPORT section) for a complete overview. We strongly support these fresh new voices and the work they’ve managed to pour into their seven-track EP. So should you. Keep a close eye. These guys will tear it up this year.


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