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Out today, Highschool Jacob pours heart, soul and refreshing fizz into this customized Perrier bottle in the form of a new track unlike anyone else’s out there at the moment. The single is titled “Nobody But You” and packs a pressured amount of constricted gas ready to be unleashed as soon as you hit play.

It’s got a powerful crescendo worth the listen. It has an anthem-esque instrumentation worth the detour here. No, really don’t hold back on this layered bundle of joy boys and girls. This track will cater to your moody mid-winter synth feels, not to mention climax inducing horn section closing the track:

You’re looking at me like I’m somebody else, I’m looking at you like there’s no one else.

“Nobody But You” was penned with a sense of urgency, Jacob explains:

“Similar to the feeling of when you first get into a relationship and you can’t get enough of each other. It’s really about that sense of comfort mixed with volatility that you experience at the start of a new relationship, and the confusion of when it ends.”

There’s absolutely no doubts now of why Highschool Jacob has been on the radar of such prominent tastemakers for such a long time. He has turned out becoming one of the most promising, talented singer-songwriters we’ve encountered in the past year. And hopefully Highschool Jacob will carry on dropping stellar tracks for the foreseeable future. Follow his socials, and listen to previous tracks he released below.


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