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As previously reported here, Iran native Nava Golchini released a striking debut titled ‘Ritual’ after getting the project NAVA off the ground with Francesco Fugazza in 2016. They were later joined by Elia Pastori and Marco Fugazza to create a sound that recalls some Tsar B electronic sounds, blended in with Tune-Yards to some clever extent. The band’s music resulted in a high-octane Persian, tribal induced escapade that won’t leave you unphased as Nava Golchini drops her slick modern vocals over the lush productions.

Nava is back today with “Flesh”. A brand new number that cements the Milanese based outfit’s signature sound and the announcement that they have moved from Factory Flaws to the international powerhouse and widely known talent stable that is Nettwerk Music Group.

Nava says of the track “Flesh”:

“Flesh” reflects the struggles between the heart and mind, alternating the cruel industrial sound with the dreamy harmonies. Flesh was one of the initial songs that we have ever created together. It came to Nava (Golchini) as an image. She was reading some stories about abortion, and many women change their minds as soon they hear the heartbeat, which is one of the first organs that develops.”

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