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Out on June 18th 2019, the ‘Second’ EP by Danish quartet Liss is a promising new chapter for the band that sparked some rave reviews on their ‘First’ EP back in 2015 – 2016 with tracks that included the wonderful “Try”, “Sorry“, and many more licked musical pieces including a brilliant recorded live performance (see further down) from their debut EP released in 2016 appropriately titled “First” and released via respected labels XL Recordings and Escho.

“Talk To Me” is the first single from Liss’ upcoming sophomore EP and slides in very well with established sounds and production value that will satisfy the acquainted ears out there and invite new listeners to dig for previous tracks when they get that familiar urge to search for more music from the four Danes.

Watch “Talk To Me” video:

Watch “Sorry” live @ P3 Guld 2016

Try to give it up for you
No I don’t succeed as I should
Thought I made it clear for u
No I can’t see u as I should

Has the moment kicked in
Are u feeling something too
All I ever knew is (that I need u back)
eah all I ever knew is you

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“Talk To Me”

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