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Ultra Music Festival releases ‘Can U Feel It’ Official Movie Trailer #1

Listen to Sodwee Live again !

NEW TRACKS incl. but not limited to : Sneaky Sound System / Justice / Holy Ghost! / Midnight Magic / Theophilus London / Snoop Dogg / The Weeknd … and many many moar !

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There are many adjectives one could conjure to describe the world’s biggest and most famous dance music event, but in the case of Ultra Music Festival – the ‘Ultra’ bit kinda says it all. As the festival Goliath tears towards its 14th edition in Downtown, Miami in March 2012 during Miami Music Week, and with pre-sale tickets having sold out in record time, crashing a server field in the process…the buzz is already at fever pitch.

But the hype is about to get a whole lot bigger…because pulling out all the stops once again, Ultra Music Festival is rewarding their faithful fans with a stunning, ‘no expense spared’ feature-length documentary…‘CAN U FEEL IT’!

Here right now is the first of two exquisite movie trailers, shot in breath-taking FULL HD! This extraordinary, energy-laden 90-second snapshot is not only a stunning piece of film in itself; it also provides a tantalising insight into what’s in store when the full movie drops early 2012.

Created and directed by the man behind ‘Final Kid’, Charly Friedrichs – ‘CAN U FEEL IT’ powerfully documents the truly global explosion of dance music that’s unfolding before our eyes, and immerses the audience headfirst in the full “UMF Experience”. The title says it all. Both the Experience and the story are told through the detailed, honest and first-hand insight of some of the finest, longest-standing and knowledgeable DJs in the industry; each one gives their own unique perspective on the reasons behind this unprecedented phenomenon in the most prominent and fitting location thinkable – Ultra Music Festival!

While it seems that releasing movies about the Dance Music movement is the ‘in thing to do’, it’s this definitive offering from Final Kid and UMF Films that will no doubt set the precedent for how feature length movies on dance music should be produced and delivered. Take one look at this trailer and you’ll find yourselves in complete agreement…guaranteed!


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