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Was being a real couch potato this afternoon, watching my daily dose of midday TV news, and what have you. The usual never ending long ass TV ad breaks comes on. When I was struck by one advert in particular. The one to which you inevitably go “OMG, this track, IS. JUST. AWESOME!“. A few seconds later, true to my first impression, I was searching the always resourceful internet for the said track. And as always, to my surprise, someone else had thought the same of Sallie Ford & The Outside Sound. It’s just the catchiest song, you know ! Perfect I should add for an advert. GMF Assurances it was. Scorers are just pure geniuses. To the point where I find the need to write a piece about it. I am a slave to their intelligence. Go for it and download the track below, as well as watch their video. Which is quite well done too :

Sallie Ford And The Sound Outside – I Swear [audio: https://sodwee.com/blog/wp-content/uploads/2012/06/03-I-Swear.mp3]

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