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Hey guys, you probably remember I guest-posted a playlist for french webzine www.freshvibez.fr not so long ago. Had an overwhelming response for it, I thank you. And people have been asking if I could share it as a full-fledge downloadable ZIP file. I thank you all for the interest, first of all. And, today your wish is granted. Most of the tracks I featured are already LIVE on the blog in various places, a simple browse would help you find them. But to make things easier on your sanity, I’ve put them in a neatly condensed archive you can download at will, and of course enjoy on iPods, iPhones and the likes :


Take the selection for a test drive :

UK alternative R’n’B playlist for Freshvibez.fr by Sodwee B. on Grooveshark

Thanks again readers for the support. Also thanks to Freshvibez.fr for their help and great partnership…


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