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I’m 19. I make music in my bedroom.” That’s how she describes herself. Short, sweet and to the point. Pretty Heart is from Perrysburg, Ohio (USA), is – still ?? – unsigned and makes just wonderful dark pop songs with her sultry voice, intertwined with layers of heavy electronic elements giving her compositions a deep, heavy edge. A far cry from what this angel face tends to communicate :

Pretty Heart on | mp3

Pretty Heart is the moniker of Morgan Holliger. Morgan is 19-years-old and was born and raised in the Toledo, Ohio area. She began making music using her laptop when she was 16, and continues to do so today. Morgan has released two EPs under the Pretty Heart name, “Blood/Body” and “Half Asleep.” All of them can be downloaded for FREE over at her Bandcamp profile. But do so quick, or before she gets signed (it’s bound to happen, it’s that good) by a label, major in the close future, say 2013. In the meantime give a swirl at these below, our favorites :

Pretty Heart – O Heart! [audio:]

Pretty Heart – Toy [audio:]

Pretty Heart – Fraud [audio:]

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