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Introducing Brooklyn-based duo LANSKI today. With their newest slice of music from the ‘Next-Generation Romantic’ album which dropped not too long ago and just recently popped on our radar for offering some very compelling, slow, understated new wave with a clear French je-ne-sais-quoi blended into the mix. Akin to the likes of Etienne Daho influence and the “cold zouk” sounds of Keep Dancing Inc. Aesthetics are the key here, from sounds, demeanor and the visuals LANSKI brings to the table. The duo, has in my opinion, totally nailed it throughout their effort and how to present it, that elevates the final result.

Here, with his latest offering titled “What Us Boys Are Supposed To Do”, Eric Ronick (vocals/keyboards) and Josh Rosenblatt (electronic drums) showcase the decades of mutual respect, friendship and collaborative intimacy all along the debut album and most notably throughout their latest single “What Us Boys Are Supposed To Do”. Sitting tight between new wave and the modern crooners of our time. LANSKI offers a bright spell made of lyrics intertwined with gushes of melodic accents and darker tones.

Next-Generation Romantic is about love and lust and loss and memory and art and experience and disenchantment and beauty. It’s an eleven-song letter from the soul of a modern-day romantic using state-of-the-art machinery to make something like poetry out of ageless realities.

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