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Hey hey here’s the latest from the cray cray squad of French music blogs [ #flashmoblogging ] for you. We’re putting together a LIVE broadcast on the interwebz TONIGHT at 9 pm local Paris time (GMT+1) via our good friends RADIOVNL.fr.

[zilla_button url=”http://radiovnl.fr/lecteur” style=”green” size=”large” type=”square” target=”_blank”] Tune in @ 21h / 9pm here [/zilla_button]

GMT +1, Paris local | Hit that big vinyl record to start streaming

Follow the live tweets below for your convenience … Don’t forget to send in your suggestions, discoveries and anything else you can possibly think of aside from insanities… You heard me follow

@Vinyl20 | #flashmoblogging | @sodwee


Live Tweet :

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