Sundaze Playlist #46 – art by Paul Grelet

The opening track of this Sundaze #46 sets the tone. Sets the bar so high I sometimes wonder why it is not closing the tracklist… But hey I gather you like to be impressed within the first few minutes of listening. But to get round to what I’m talking about you’ll need to let the track sink in and settle before it just explodes right back at you. This is exactly what I look for in new tracks/talent : surprise. So if you’re that impatient, skip to 1:40 or straight into the thick of it at 2:30 but you’d be missing the whole point, the build up.

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You’d also be missing the point if you skipped ANY of this weeks talent. We’ve been tipped by many many people after we had advertised we were on the lookout for new material to showcase. So we did.

Finally before I let you get on with the downloading part. Paul Grelet created this artwork, again exclusively for Sodwee’s Sundaze #46 and we’re very proud to showcase his work to the best of our ability. Like his work on Facebook if you’re around or better yet, get in touch with him

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Sundaze #46


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 Tracklist :

  1. Tawiah – TEARdrop (Prod. Jodi Milliner)
  2. Moko – Summon The Strenght
  3. Chlöe Howl – Rumour
  4. Haarlo – Easier
  5. Astral Projection – Miami Nights 1984 (Peterbär Remix)
  6. Mirror Kisses – Runaways
  7. Hospital – Secret Place
  8. mdnt – Dreamcatcher (feat. Jez Dior)
  9. Tropical Popsicle – Ghost Beacons
  10. Aquilo – Calling Me
  11. SORNE – Atmosphere of Sky
  12. Glass Candy – The Possessed (Runway Edit)
  13. Colossal Mantis – Waves feat. Sorcha Richardson
  14. SZA – Once Upon A High
  15. Fallulah – I Lay My Head (Shook Remix)

Stream playlist :

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