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FUN FACT / DID YOU KNOW : Shinamo Moki is a british band in which Auryn participates. They hail from the void between London and Brighton and make sweet music : Shinamo Moki


Track One / Love :
I’ve always thought that playing music whilst ‘making love’ is a bit creepy and I still do. I can’t listen to some Marvin Gaye without imagining him right behind me whispering in my ear, goading “lets get it onnnn”. So I guess if I really had to choose it would be Sweet Sweet by Smashing Pumpkins because its the shortest song in my Itunes library standing at 2:05 which is definitely more than enough time..
Track Two / Breakup :
A track to break up to? Jeez uhmmmm I guess Sea Bird by the Alessi Brothers. It’s a song that I’ve always associated with a forced break-up so yeah i’d go for that one.. *sniff sniff*
Track Three / Dance :
Enough Said.
Track Four / Travel :
I would put this song on repeat when I took my dog for a walk. Specifically on a Sunday sunset when the town is empty. I could travel everywhere and anywhere listening to this song. It simply makes everything seem so beautiful. Picking up my dogs poop has never been so life affirming..
Track Five / Sleep :
Piano music has always helped lull me to sleep. Back in Brighton, Felix and I would sneak out of class to his car and nap to this song.

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