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Marie-Flore is French, Parisian in fact. Sings in English and holds her name from a Joan Baez song. She played violin for 8 years, until the guitar finally came into her life. Since then she has never stopped writing & performing across Europe, but has always kept one foot close to her roots, in her native France & its wonderful parisian venues. She embodies the contemporary ‘do it yourself’ attitude with everything from her videos & illustrations, she creates everything to transpire, live her music.. She’s already got an album under the belt and a few gigs to her resume. She is getting interest here in France and thanks to Clement from Agorafrog, now gets the blogosphere some head spin, ‘Feathered With Daggers’ is a quintessential track. Complete with haunting lyrics and a simplistic approach :

We love her music so much. We couldn’t help but get it out there for you to enjoy too :

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