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“Take a trip to New Zealand Trip-hop land : Christchurch, where the mood is sexual and the sounds are wet. The tracks by Doprah are purely prickly and make us all hot and bothered beneath the waistline. The Primal bass lines contradict gently the soft and celestial melody to create a vibe filled with intent. The contrast leads to a wide and resonating sound. Very very dope. A must listen, malevolently dulcet.”

Doprah – Stranger People : Doprah – Stranger People

Doprah – Whatever You Want : Doprah – Whatever You Want

Doprah – Love That I Need : Doprah – Love That I Need

Doprah – Too Lowe Doprah – Too Lowe

Precisely the type of music you’d want to be playing on a lazy Sunday afternoon/evening. Perfect for unwinding and taking it easy.

Doprah - sodwee.com


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