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Oooh what a surprise this was. Didn’t expect anything like this kind of sound as I pressed the play button. Glass Animals just signed to Kaya Kaya (on XL recordings) and have delivered some pretty impressive stuff on their Soundcloud profile. Self Blown got a hold of  them on HumanHuman and got us turned into a frenzy ever since, especially this ‘Black Mambo’ track we totally recommend :

Glass Animals’ is the first signing to the new imprint kaya kaya records via xl. They are the perfect collision between wild beasts’ eccentric vocals, radiohead’s sensitivity and flying lotus’ softly pulsating electronics. The band produces perfectly structured music. Whilst there are hints of darkness, there also seems to be a sense of fragility. Their music takes you on a journey, whilst frequently mentioning creatures suggesting movement and life. Ultimately Glass Animals produces a new kind of music, it’s unexpected and as if from another world- it’s extraordinarily beautiful.

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