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Too damn sexy to be skipping this opportunity NOT to jump on the blogging bandwagon / tsunami that is newly soloed artist Chela and her brilliant track ‘Romanticise’ recently dropped via the one and only Maison Kitsune power house. If you read sodwee.com often enough, chances are you’ve already heard her stunning voice on Goldroom’s hit ‘Fifteen’ or Clubfeet’s ‘Heartbreak’. She comes from Australia’s very own Melbourne. Who’s been at the forefront of unleashing global talents these last few months. And obviously Maison Kitsune is all up this shabang like no other, and it’s been their leitmotiv since their inception really. Surfing on every wave they can to get the best out of every artist they intend to fire up.

Sounding sexy is no feat for Chela, it all comes uber-naturally. Sounding a little like Ladyhawke and Catcall. Her track “Romanticise” leans toward disco, tropical guitar synth and sets her apart from these artists, giving her music a distinct flavour.

Chela is on the rise! So keep your eyes peeled, she’s definately trending … Follow here via the links below.

Listen/download : Chela – Romanticise (Gold Fields Remix) 

Chela - Romanticise - sodwee.com

Follow Chela on : Facebook | Soundcloud | Twitter

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