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Heyyy ! People. Got some kick ass new british band on the rise I would really like to share with you ! From the same talent pool and management company as “Jungle” (hear them here). Beaty Heart is an experimental pop band from London, England and they have got all the best cards in hand to make a fantastic debut with their album : “Mixed Blessings” later in spring.

This is as colorful as sweet pick’n’mix bar in now defunct Woolworths chain of supermarkets in the UK (maybe my favourite selection of sweets ever, fond memories). Anyway this band is likely to be churning out dollops of hits just in time for your summer season… We cannot get the track “Lekka Freakout” out of our brains. It’s a very infectious track. “A la Vampire Weekend” as mother like to describe the sound of Beaty Heart. I can only agree, adding a hint of Animal Collective to the mix. And, judging by their Facebook photos, they have that crazy edge I like to see, true to The Great British Style we have grown accustomed to. You know : Jelly, colorants, boiled meats with mint and the likes. But I can tell you all : I Can’t wait to witness all this come together live in Paris !

Keep an eye on those lads and get to love them. Or you might just drown in a tsunami like wave of Slush-puppy…

[title subtitle=”listen to a few of our stand out tracks…”]Listen / Stream[/title]

[title subtitle=”Lekka Lookout video directed by Beaty Heart”]Video[/title]

[title subtitle=”It’s like Mardi Gras gone wild”]Photos[/title] [separator type=”double”]

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