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TIMÄ is the new singer/songsmith on the block these days in Paris and beyond it seems. On it with Detroit/house French heavyweight duo Cheaper Shepherd on the production duties and backed by the highly promising label Baldwin Rec from Lyon. TIMÄ, aka Mathilde, along with her versatile voice and eclectic influences is getting plenty of deck spin lately also featuring and laying her voice to the opening track from Korgbrain’s pretty impressive “Higher EP”. Which is friggin’ awesome. And I say this in all honesty, not because she actually French or I was subdued by her fun video : the hay, the breakdance, the unlikely lamb and farm animals cameo halfway through the countryside inspired theme of the clip for “Antilogy”. The joyous mood just keeps inviting the audience to bail on whatever they’re doing and throw a hand full of hay in the air and bust a move underneath… The sheer balls of this three track EP just released yesterday (March 23rd 2014), shows some real confident vocal skill set from TIMÄ. It’s a given she can only rise. Listen below :

Not to mention Baldwin Rec is bringing house / Detroit house and a whole array of genres its “lettres de noblesse” like they really should with a French twist to the entire back-catalogue. Especially with Cheaper Shepherd producing such compelling blend of tracks on TIMÄ debut EP. Pushing the right buttons, they have potentially a real place in those top charts for real. No Kidding.

All they’re missing now is your play/hit/love and a time machine obviously. As I play TIMÄ‘s Antilogy EP I relive the golden days from the naughty nineties, unlike most of the tracks that are dropped on my Soundcloud streams these days (and does not make it on Sodwee.com obviously…) : I say HALLELUJAH !

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