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From the UK, I’m happy to introduce this up-and-coming experimental hip-hop duo of visionaries from London named Subculture Sage. It’s a soul driven fusion hip-hop with killer beats and a summer vibe to their flow. Bringing in plenty of influences from their native country. A remarkable blend of britishness to their music infused in surprisingly good track called “Stories and Tales” they’ve just dropped on Soundcloud for us to enjoy. It’s UK Experimental Hip-Hop at it’s best. Taking the best of what surrounds them and making it even better. They will release a self-titled EP on August the 25th (note to self : Mother’s Birthday !) via Twisted Hearts Records, another Uk based label. Let them blossom, let things happen, and you’ll be playing this track over and over again. Not only does Subculture Sage have great stuff lined up in the very near future, they have some pretty heavyweight support too :

So fresh and so excitingZANE LOWE // BBC RADIO 1
Burst from the underground with mad lyrical skills and some of the hottest beats at the momentBESTIVAL
Warm and soulful sounds… Recalling the likes of The Streets and Roll DeepMIXMAG
Utterly LondonCLASH


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