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We had covered Zola Blood in the past for our good friends over at Part Time Wizards and we were sent the follow-up single “Meridian” just before the summer ended. Late August in fact, but with all the stuff happening around, it was hard finding the time to write some words for this truly fantastic London-based quartet. Following their quick rise with “Grace”, Zola Blood have managed quite astonishingly well to keep things simple yet, efficient, always heading in the perfect direction. And that’s across the board. From drum lines, vocals and guitar-work, The whole production effort behind their track is impressive on “Meridian”. That’s why I am following up on them today, albeit a little late. If you do not know who these guys are, please read on and get acquainted with their sound. Follow their online spaces and let us know what you think.

Pond Life Songs have been pushing the 4-piece band since their breakthrough on the blogosphere with the track “Grace”. Another brilliant electronic number if you ask me. They’re about to release their debut EP “Meridian”. Birthed in a dark studio in Hackney it’s one to look out for.

Zola Blood are Matt (vocals/guitar), Ed (Synth), Sam (drums) and Rob (guitar).

[title subtitle=”listen to their other standout track”]Zola Blood – Grace[/title]

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